We have met numerous athletes and have felt incredibly moved by them.
However, behind these athletes, there is an unimaginable amount of effort that remains unseen,in which hard work is the backbone of each and every bridge that is built.
We believe that the world is moved by these athletes because they have felt lost, experienced suffering, and faced failure, yet they have overcome it all.
Therefore, we want to protect the bridges that these athletes have created.
Furthermore, we want to help them to continue to build new bridges into the future.
Because no matter how small, we truly believe that all bridges lead to building a brighter future.
Integrate your Bridges and reach your best performance.


Brighten the sport,
Brighten the world.



Protect the bridges that have been created.
Build new bridges into the future.
Become the “bridge” that integrates the past and future.


Integrity contains many different definitions.

We believe this word perfectly encapsulates the vision of our company.
In our eyes, integrity is about protecting, building, and connecting athletes’ bridges.
By integrating their bridges, athletes will be able to reach their best performance, both in their sport and in their lives.
We believe this integration of bridges will brighten the sport and brighten the world.
There are many professionals, such as coaches, trainers, nutritionists, doctors, team managers, and interpreters, whose jobs are dedicated to supporting athletes. With their assistance, athletes can reach their highest potential.
In this way, SPORT INTEGRITY also exists for these important behind-the-scenes players to be recognized for their work.


Sports Interpreter

Within the world of competitive sports, there are professionals such as coaches,trainers, nutritionists, sports doctors, team managers etc. Among these professionals there is a specialized field for “sports interpreters.” Some believe that with the advent of AI the need for interpreters will diminish. However, this belief does not account for the fact that the job of the sports interpreter is far more complex than simply translating words. Through careful assessment of a situation, the ability to understand the “feelings of people,” and by considering, selecting, and communicating the correct words, sports interpreters facilitate a true connection, which ultimately maximizes the performance of athletes and sports communication. Sports interpreters have the knowledge and passion for a given sport, but furthermore they also want to to express the heart and soul of the athletes they work with.

Total Management

【Coordination】We will assist you in planning overseas expeditions (primarily Canada) and domestic training camps. This includes coordinating everything necessary for training camps, such as competition entry, travel, accommodation, transportation, etc. We will also help to negotiate the cost of a training camp, on-site (competition entry fee, accommodation, etc.). Our goal is to create the perfect environment for your team to achieve peace of mind concentrate on competitions to come.
【Attendant】We will assist people travel abroad and arriving from overseas. This includes responding to requests for airport transfer, transportation and sightseeing. Our aim is to deliver safe and satisfying trips to everyone.
【Agent】Coaches:Support the process of finding a foreign coach, including negotiation and contracting.
Athletes:Accepting inquiries from athletes who wish to successfully work abroad.
【Translation】We will translate emails and documents (contracts, etc.). If the content of a written document or communication in general is unclear we will step in and mediate the exchange of emails with overseas teams and companies.

Online English Class

“I’m always nervous about passing through immigration when traveling abroad,” “I want to communicate with overseas players and teams, but I can’t speak well enough,” “I’m not sure if my thoughts and feelings are being properly conveyed to Englishspeaking teammates or staff/coaches,” “I want to be able to confidently answer interview questions.”…Do any of these thoughts sound familiar to you?
Just like with practicing and training, would you like to learn English as a technique?
At EAT our goal is to support athletes! For more details please visit the EAT Page.

Online School

An online school co-founded by the athlete Jason Gunnlaugson, a current curling player.
Jason School delivers cutting-edge technology and information to Japanese junior curling players and coaches. We offer two courses of group sessions and team consultations for up to thirty people. This includes direct online instruction from Jason himself, the top Canadian curling player. These instructions will be delivered in real-time, and our sports interpreter work to ease the language barrier during each session. In compliance with COVID-19 rules and regulations, once it is safe we hope for these lessons to take place face-to-face instruction on the ice.
Jason School is sponsored by COMPANY NAME. This company made the "red silo" cheesecake that Loco Solare's athletes ate as a half-time snack during the Pyeongchang Olympics. This snack became popular because of their media feature.


  • Athletes

    Connect athletes with other athletes across different sports
  • Language program

    English for Athletes (EAT) English conversation program specialized for athletes
  • Sports

    Interpreters at sports events both in-person and online
  • Nutrition

  • Charity

    Helping to coordinate the creation of the Charity Curling Calenar
  • Travel Coordinator

    Domestic・International travel attendants (Airport transfers・transportation and sightseeing)
  • Platform

    Building connections between athletes and professionals
  • Online

    Connect foreign instructors and athletes. Provide the latest technology and info online
  • Translation

    Sports-related email and document translation services
  • Sport Coordinator

    Supports planning for training camps, competition entry, etc. (Coordinates all parts of travel, including accommodation and transportation)
  • Agent

    Help finding a foreign coach ~ Supports negotiation processes, contracts, and athletes who are thinking about playing abroad


  • Manager/Interpreter of Japanese National Wheelchair Curling Team ・2010 Vancouver Paralympics
  • Grand Slam of Curling Operational Staff・Sportsnet 2016 - 2017
  • Assistant Chief Director of Ski Jumping Forerunners・2018 PyeongChang Olympics
Curriculum Vitae 2018-2020:
  • Interpreted, translated, and coordinated work for SC Karuizawa Club (Curling)
  • Interpreted, translated, and coordinated work for Loco Solare, Bronze Medalists at 2018 PyeongChang Olympics (Curling)
  • Interpreted, translated, and coordinated work for Team Koana (Curling)
  • Interpreted, translated, and coordinated work for Team Yoshimura (Curling)
  • Helped to coordinate the creation of the Charity Curling Calendar for The Curling News
  • Handled the negotiation and coordination of within all curling brands (including equipment and sponsorships)
  • Supported the communication between athletes and international coaches (i.e. instructions, strategies, team dynamics, etc.)
  • Worked as a travel coordinator for international coaches/teams/agents
  • Assisted the planning and operation of the B league (Basketball) half-time show when Chinami Yoshida was invited as a guest


Born on July 4, 1989 and raised in Japan. Daia attended an international school in junior high school, and after graduating from high school, she decided to study abroad in Victoria, Canada. At university, she majored in sports management. While working as an intern at a sports field, she acquired permanent residence in Canada.
She established SPORT INTEGRITY in Canada in 2018 by making use of her experience within various sports events, including the Olympic and Paralympic Games.


In my life, I have also built many bridges.
Each and every one of those bridges is precious to me because I could not have built them without every individual who has played a part in my life.
My motivation behind creating SPORT INTEGRITY is rooted in the desire to brighten the sport and brighten the world by inviting others to use the paths and bridges I have already forged.
If I can continue to integrate my bridges with you all, I will be truly elated.
With love and gratitude,
Daia Koyano, Founder of SPORT INTEGRITY